Helen Vechurko

visual artist

I’m a visual content creator with expertise in fashion and portrait photography and video directing and editing. At the moment my studio is based in Lisbon and I’m doing commercial works as well as artistic projects.

There is a long road, that lead me to photography and directing. However, my path has always went along with creation of visuals.

Starting out as a stylist and fashion editor I discovered passion to cinema and actually that marked a start of my way as a visual creator. It’s been 15 years since my journey has started. I used to style, produce and write for for several international publishing houses and do public relations for companies, like Disney Channel Ukraine and Ukrainian celebrities, such as a MasterChef judge. The understanding how image and copy influence the perception of a person or a product and got in a great use for public figures and companies.

Approach to projects from different angles along with a great chance to collaborate and learn from the industry leaders and successful creators let me master important experiences and a wide number of skills. I can say I’m fluent in visual content creation. However, its a never ending flow of improving and mastering craft.

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